X Engine or Yengine which is better??

Published: Friday, 06 October 2023

If you're confused about the difference, join the club.

I cant give you an answer which is better, but I can say that Y engine replaces X engine, so it is an upgrade.

X engine scripts are being phased out and so last night Oct 6th  2023, I made the choice to upgrade the script engine of this grid to Y engine.

No one should have trouble with this, but if you have a script that isn't working proper, please don't curse me, just leave me a message as to the location of this script to myself (Essensual) or Adani and will look after it for you.

So far it has affected nothing on Adain's Region nor on the Entertainment Complex, which was updated yesterday during a restart. Dance balls are working, cell animations work. and since we had a large group at the event last night, it changed nothing. 

The one thing I did notice is the grid restarted faster, and once we can make the upgrade to 9.3 we will be flying.

Have a great day!!

Essensual McMahon

Owner Operator and your favorite DJ.

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