Isle of the Forsaken

Published: Monday, 16 October 2023
With the change in seasons at the welcome center, we welcome Fall with its oranges, reds, and yellows to let us know the weather is changing, and Halloween will soon be here. A few of the residents, and some HG friends, and I have put together a wonderful Halloween region, the "Isle of the Forsaken" filled with many scary things and a corn maze for you to enjoy. The Zombies are out to eat your brains, and the ghosts are wandering around in search of a soul to take.
The Isle of the Forsaken was given its name at the regular Sunday event at the Fetish Factor by an HG visitor Greybox Darkward, and it couldn't be a more fitting name for it.
Almost everything is available for picking up, as well as a number of costumes. On October 31st at 11:00 we will be having a Halloween Party on the region.
Thank you for exploring this fun region, and we hope to see you on Halloween. of the Forsaken
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